Library facilities and administration

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Library facilities and administration

    1. How can I donate the books or other materials to the library?
      Only useful books are accepted as gifts/donations. Donor should apply to the library for this after.


    1. How can I pay my fine?
      Overdue books are fines @ ₹5/- per day per book. If user is late in returning the books, system will accept the return but new books will not be issued unless you deposit any accumulated fine. Ask the staff for collection of fine.


    1. How can I renew my books?
      One can renew the books online by going to my transaction and login giving your ID and password which is given in your library card. This can be done only once.


    1. Where can I find the library rules?
      Library rules can be found in the library website, however you can click here to see the rules.


    1. Are there computers I can use for accessing digital resources?
      In second floor of the library, some computers are kept for the use of the users.


    1. Are there printers available in the library?
      We do not provide printing facilities. Students are expected to download the e-resources and get printout from outside. Non-availability of printing facility will avoid the unnecessary use of library asset.


    1. How can I get new card, in case I lost it?
      You can apply for duplicate card which can be issued by paying.


    1. How do I get the library membership card?
      Only bonafide students and staff of Sikkim University are entitled to become the member. However, others are also allowed to use library. Library issues smart card to its authorized users which serve as ID-cum-library card. Ask for an application form, fill it up, get it done by HOD or the officers of the University and submit along with your passport size photo.


    1. Are there any rules for exempting of library fine?
      No fine exemption is granted except in exceptional circumstances mentioned in the library rules. However, library informs the users through mobile and emails about overdue book to avoid imposition of heavy fines.


  1. If due date and return of books is during the vacation period, how can I renew the books?
    Library has special provisions to issue books for vacation period. Users should ask for this special issue before proceeding on vacation. You can also renew online whenever you want. Also you can contact librarian for renewal.

Library services

    1. What is KOHA?
      KOHA is an open source Library Management Software or we can say Integrated Library System (ILS), used world-wide by public, school and special libraries and it’s the first free software library automation package.


    1. What is Sodh Sindhu and what it covers?
      SodhSindhu is a consortium which merges UGC-infonet, INDEST, NLIST. This is a merger of three consortia. It provides access to more than 15000 journals.


    1. I want to learn about call no given on the shine of books. How does it help in locating books?
      Library assigns a code (call no) to every document in the library for shelf arrangement which is a translation of subject content of a book into ordinal number which bring similar subject together on the shelves e.g. 822-33 stands for Shakespearian works. In order to further individualize it we give first three alphabets is the name of the author and first alphabet of title. 822.33 KINN/H KINN is three alphabets of author and H is first alphabet of the title of the book.


  1. What is the procedure to purchase books from the library?
    Books are recommended by the respective departments and forwarded to the librarian who takes further action to process approval and purchase. Users may also recommend books relating to their course work.

Finding materials

    1. If I am not able to find books on the shelves, whom should I inquire?
      You can seek assistance from any of the staff members of the library.


    1. If my material is not available in the library, what action should I take?
      In that case you should approach the librarian who can assist you in procuring the material from other libraries.


    1. How can I search information from library resources?
      First one should know what s(he) is looking for, then go to library website and click on e-resources which will take to different types of e-resources where one can search according to the need. However, you can also check our digital repositories in DSpace where hundreds of digital materials will be available.


    1. How do I find a book in the Library?
      First find the location of the book, to know this you must know about the book like Title of the book, Author or Subject/any relevant keyword(s). Consult online catalogue and note down its call no. e.g. 320 SHA/T, take time to explore about how to use the catalogue.


    1. How can I know the resources subscribed by the library?
      There is a list of journals being subscribed by the library given in the website.


  1. How can I search materials when I am out of the network?
    One can only avail this facility, if registered for this service in KNIMBUS. Nevertheless, one can approach the Librarian regarding this.