The Teesta-Indus Central Library, the heart of the University, is dedicated to provide materials to supplement teaching and learning. The Central Library is having a floor area of about 1000 sq. mts and is capable of accommodating about 70,000/ books. University right from its inception has a priority to build up a good university library equipped with adequate resources and services which take care of any academic and research work. The central library has met the vision of the university and presently provides all the resources and services which are essential for any teaching, learning, and research process. Currently, the library has two divisions, the Teesta-Indus Central Library and Science Library.

Library Automation and Value Added Services

The library is fully automated, modernized with the latest IT Infrastructure such as Integrated Library Automation System (KOHA), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for material management and movement, Institutional Repository for management of in-house publication, theses, and dissertations, Faculty Publication Profile (IRINS) for showcasing the research strength, Remote Access for accessing resources off-campus, and Plagiarism Detection System. The library is comparable to any other old university library of the country so far as modernization and infrastructure facilities are concerned. The library is quite active in extending research support services through adopting web-based services and systems.

Up-to-date Online Public Catalogue is web-enabled with the facilities online reservation, renewal of issued books, recommendations for purchase of books, and daily notification of new arrival of books. All collection is RFID tagged to facilitate users to be independent in returning and the issue of books. The whole library premises is Wi-Fi enabled with good speed of connectivity. For security purposes, all the floors of the library are fitted with CCTV with an electronic exit gate which prevents any unauthorized documents to be taken from the library.


To act as a resource hub which facilitates in the achieving the intellectual, Academic and Cultural goal of the people at the Sikkim University“.


“To provide quality resources and services which facilitate lifelong learning”


Collect, Connect and Communicate