Books Published by Faculty in 2022

This volume containing articles on mother and child gives a fragment of a total vision on the prevailing situation of the health status of mother and child in India. The present volume brings together scholars and academicians from various disciplines and health professionals, policy makers and social scientists under the same umbrella for discussion and critical evaluation of current health situation and efficacy and role of healthcare programme related to maternal and child health in India.

People from India’s Northeast have crafted distinct as well as diverse cultural cryptograms, discernments and personality which is frequently at loggerheads with the power politics from outside the region. Thus, attention is often on the societies of the Northeast India as they putter with transforming institutions and more intensive resource consumption in the wake of modernization and development activities. This volume is an examination into questions of who exercises control, who constructs knowledge/ideas about the region and how far such discourses are people-centric. It inspects how India’s Northeast have been understood in colonial and post-colonial contexts through the contributions from research scholars and faculties from different academic spaces. These contributions are both from within the region as well as from neighbourhood. Thus, presenting a cross-dimensional gaze on social, political, economic as well as issues related to space-relation.